Thursday, 29 May 2014


The idea of comfort is the main focus for this piece of work.

The piece consists of second hand blankets being hung on a washing line. After asking people in Peckham Rye where they feel safe, I decided to hand sew their responses onto these blankets.  These responses are spelt backwards but the letters the correct way round.  Along side the blankets myself and an assistant will be dressed in mental health nursing tunics, holding mirrors to demonstrate how the blankets can not be read properly even when looking through a mirror. The tunics will have care and Carer hand sewn into them, spelt the right way round and backwards in a way that can be read through a mirror.

After looking at the mission of The Three C’s and other mental health charities like them it cannot be disputed the great work these organizations do for people, but despite their great results I cannot help but feel that the spaces in which they are situated are so institutionalized that they contradict their intentions.  These buildings are meant to be safe, warm and welcoming but in some cases they lack this feeling and appear more like a doctors surgery than a place of comfort.

The purpose of the building contradicts the atmosphere that is created which is why I have decided to spell the words backwards onto the blankets but the letters are the correct way round so, if the viewer were to put the blankets in front of a mirror they would still find the sentences difficult to read, unlike the tunics that can be read.

These will be hung on a washing line, between two trees outside Peckham Platform. 
If your in the area then please do come along to the show 

Friday 30th May 2014 



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