Sunday, 31 May 2015

83 Meadway - Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2015

83 Meadway 

Here is a video to demonstrate the function on the miniature while it is being exhibited at Central Saint Martins for the 2015 degree show . 

The miniature is 1:12 of the size of my family home. 
inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman...

'The narrator, an unnamed woman, has recently had a child and is suffering from post-partum depression. Upon retreating to a mansion to vacation for the summer her husband, John, thinks it best to confine her to an upstairs room for her mental well-being. Here she will be free of stressful distractions and able to rest.
Without any intellectual stimulation, besides her journal, the narrator begins a descent into psychosis. She obsesses over the pattern of the yellow wallpaper, the only visually stimulating presence within the room of her confinement. She begins to perceive that another woman is creeping around the room behind the wallpaper, attempting to break free. The narrator begins to tear down pieces of the wallpaper to rescue this trapped enigmatic woman.
The summer draws to an end and the day has come to leave the mansion. The narrator, once craving freedom from the upstairs room, locks herself within as she tears the last of the wallpaper off the wall. John, frantic, finds the key and enters the room to find his wife creeping around the perimeter. He faints as she exclaims, "I've got out at last...And I've pulled off most of the paper, so you can't put me back!" The narrator, utterly delusional, continues to creep her path around the room stepping over her incapacitated husband as if he wasn't even there.'

83 Meadway, is depicting the conflict between a comforting and isolating space experience by people that have suppered from long term illness, such as depression. the house is fitting with a motion sensor light to the rear bedroom (the only functioning room) the intention of the light is to depict a presence within the space which is activated when the viewer looks through the window. 

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